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Re: ET encore solved!

On Fri, 22 Mar 1996, Paul Landry wrote:

>     Okay, some of you we'll say he's living in the past about this 
> Eric's Trip show thing but I just found out where that "I Want You 
> Right Now" song they did comes from.  It's another MC5 cover!

in fact, it's a cover of the MCFive's (uncredited) cover of the Trogg's 
"I want you right now". sorry to be nit-picky but I gotta grab every 
chance I get (and they don't come around very often) to boost Troggs 
I saw a reproduction of an old rock poster the other day - The Who, MC5 
and Troggs at the CNE in 1970. That must've been scary. 
Take it easy,