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Thruster Show \!/ Birdland.

Last night was the Thruster show at the Dirty Bird.
1st up: the Scaries, I think this might have been their first show, 
maybe, they seemed to sound a bit like Superchunk, not bad overall.

2nd up: Now, I am having memory troubles.. they are from Mass. this I 
_know_.. their name starts with an M, and for the life of me I can't spit 
it out. They were pretty good. Some people there immediately sighted a 
Joy Division comparison, but they were on dope. I thought they sounded a 
little bit like Velocity Girl/Unrest.. maybe Joy Division vox? They are 
really tight sounding, it's a damn shame they drove all the way here to 
play on a quiet night, _BUT_ they have another show tonite (FRI.) \!/ the 
Ward rooms famous happy hour. Go there. Bring money for their single 
($3.50) They go on around 7ish. Call Kings College for more details.

3rd up: Thruster.. it was _gross_ they had ladie friends come out and 
spank them with little paddles. I for one was appauled, I would tell you 
more but this is where I left. You were all right, they *are* a bunch of 

Stinkin' Bren.