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Re: realtime concerts

At 12:34 PM 3/21/96 -0500, you wrote:

>hiya :)
>i was wondering if anyone has, and would be kind enough to dub for me, 
>the pop explosion '94 concerts aired in october 1994?  what was aired in 
>part 2?  the web page only listed the set list for part one (rebecca west!  
>thrush hermit! jale!), but nothing for part deux.

part deux was never aired. i emailed them asking when they were planning on
airing it and they said "soon", and that was only 2 weekends after the part
un aired. they ain't airing it. part un was very lame and i don't remember
hearing thrush hermit when they aired it.    OR i might be wrong.-but i'm not.
the line-up for part deux would have rocked (i.e. plumtree, superfriendz,
broken girl....)  if all the sloanneters bug them about their failure to air
it, we might hear it yet!

Where should I put my salad?

>in the meantime ;) i'll just wait for the super friendz to come to town, 
>or kidnap the local rabbits.  whichever is more convenient.
>			...sizzle teen
>(p.s.  i did send this msg yesterday, but never received it, so i'm 
>assuming it got lost or destroyed.  if it *is* a repeat for some of you, 
>i'm sorry)
>sizzle teen :)  cc501\!/torfree.net / nishitc\!/tc.gc.ca
>"I love you... because you took a stand for those of use who are the weaker,
> 'cause we're not fakes.  We are the wild and we are the screwed."