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realtime concerts -> READ carefully

hey :)

ok folks, i had a feeling this would happen...

i'm in search of the *1994* pop explosion broadcasts, aired in *october 

i heard part I of pop explosion *1995*, the same night as the al tuck / 
super friendz adventure.  i almost have it on tape.

to recap:  i'm looking for someone to dub the *1994* pop explosion 
exerpts aired in october of *1994* on realtime.

while i have your attention (kinda... read this part on friday march 22), 
it's Drew Yamada (of the super friendz)'s birthday.  AND it's my sister 
Aimee's birthday (ok so she's not on sloan net..).  she turns 14, he 
turns.. any guesses? ;)  so sing everyone!!

of interest:  aimee told me that it's also elvis stojko (23), andrew 
lloyd webber, and william shatner's birthdays.  what a smart kid.  and 
what, only 12 years younger than drew?  heehee :)

			...sizzle teen

sizzle teen :)  cc501\!/torfree.net / nishitc\!/tc.gc.ca
"I love you... because you took a stand for those of use who are the weaker,
 'cause we're not fakes.  We are the wild and we are the screwed."