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x-club show cancelled.

Lee wrote:

>the radioblaster, scratching post, shortfall, poledo show on march 23rd \!/
>the x-club in hamilton has been cancelled due to the fact that the owner of
>the club booked another event on that day even hough we had booked our show
>in january.  he didn't even bother to call me.  i found out by calling him
>today to find out what time to be there on saturday and he gave me some
>bullshit excuse.  the reality is that the owner is an asshole and he's
>fucked over four more bands.  i apologize to anybody who arranged the
>weekend around this show like we did.  i strongly suggest you think twice
>about going to the x-club in the future.  

When Plum Tree and Broken Girl played there, the owner booked a show 
with another band that would go on after Plum Tree.  His excuse was 
that they were two different shows.  One night, two shows?

>i strongly suggest you think twice about going to the x-club in the future.  

The unfortunate thing is that it is probably the only good place in 
town to see bands.  At least it is the only place that bands going to 
Hamilton end up playing at.

Just a thought

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