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Re: *No Sloan Content*

> playing somewheres else.  Problems down our end include the fact that the 
> DSU (owners of the McInnis room) want to have a bar (a no no for FUgazi) 
> and problems down their end include not wanting to violate the $5.00 
> ticket rule, when $5.00 american is like $7.00 canadian.  
Waye's memory fails him (with all that plottin' and plannin' going on in 
his noggin, he's bound to lose a few details in all those spinning 
gears). Actually, we didn't have a problem with Fugazi's demands, it was 
just getting them to come out that far East. They would have had to have 
drive for a couple of days each way to a town they knew nothing about to 
deal with a promoter they knew nothing about. For all they knew, they 
could have got to Halifax and found 15 kids. I don't blame them...but it 
was frustrating, since their tour co-ordinator person seemed to imply 
that it was going to happen and it didn't. 
Anyway, you kids should try and get them to come out East again. If the 
campus/community radio stations co-ordinated their efforts, you could set 
up a nice little tour for them. The proposal I sent Fugazi is probably 
still on the CKDU hard-drive in the promotions file.

				- Chris

ps does anybody else in the Toronto area listen to AM 1150 CKOC, 
Hamilton's oldies station? It rocks (as opposed to "rawks").