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Re: Re: Archers Strike

I'm not complaining about rock shows in montreal, because we do get our fair
share of rock shows here.  But as I am sure you all are aware, a lot of
Canadian Indie  bands don't seem to play montreal all that often either and
its of course because the venue situation sucks.  Things are looking up for
indie rock in montreal since Greenland exists and now they have a club called
the cabaret.  But we get looked over by a lot of bands who prefer to play
toronto because they are guaranteed a larger audience there.  Greenland
explained it to me as such, it is hardly worth it for a band to pay duty on
all their merch and border fees if no one comes out and they don't sell much.
 So the real problem is how to make it worth their while, like Ant said. 
(the person who emailed Dischord)

(who wanted Mary Lou Lord to come play her town)

.melted pat said:
>.I just  missed Butterglory and the Wedding present last night, 'cause they 
>conveniently skipped Ottawa, even though they played Montreal, and will 
>play TO tonight.

Just a note, the lead singer said that they would try to make it back this
time sooner than 5 years.  And Ottawa is getting the Thinking Fellars
Union.... Montreal is not.