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Fwd: Plumtree

Hey, I just got -- and love -- the brand spanking new CD by Plumtree 
called "Mass Teen Fainting". This is an all-girl band from Halifax, Nova 
Scotia in Canada, and they are fabulous. Previous releases include 
"Flutterboard" and "water had leaked into my suit" but this is their 
first full-length release. Anybody who likes Chickpea, Jewel or Cub 
should check them out, they are kind of like a blend of all three! They 
just got a YTV Achievement Award and will be on the award show on YTV on 
April 28, so if you get YTV you can check them out there. I highly 
recommend the CD, I just went to see them live for the record release and 
they RAWKED. Definitely a band to watch.


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