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I have recived enough letters from people bitching at 
me because they say I don't like the music here and all.
Well, if I have to say it again, I'm gonna go balistic.

1. I *love* the music here, there are lots of snazzy bands 
   that write great songs. I'm not going to compose a list.
2. What I said was, it would be wicked if we could see 
   some bands this year that have never come here before.
   I didn't say/imply that "the bands here stink, get
   some good ones".. 
3. I understand that you guys just love listening to the 
   music here, thats great, but you are all saying that
   your town "has no scene".. that's *crap* because all it
   takes is a few good bands and people will catch on. 
   Why not _play_ music, or maybe try to release a good 
   band on tape or something. Maybe your town could be 
   "the next Seattle", who's to say?? Maybe you could 
   start the next Cinnomin Toast. You aren't going to find
   out what you are capable of until you try. 

Hard Hitter,