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Re: if i have to come back there..... :)

	Atually, Rebecca West was her nom de plume, her real name was 
Cicily (SP?) Fairfield, Rebecca West being a name taken from an Ibson 
play.  I'm not sure which name she was officially honoured under.

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On Wed, 20 Mar 1996, Robert M Keefe wrote:

> > just out of curiousity, how many of you have ever read up on the *real* 
> > rebecca west, sharp n' sassy feminist from the turn of the century?
> That would be *Dame* Rebecca West.  She was bestowed the title during her 
> lifetime (do you call that knighting?  She hardly needed to be made a 
> "lady").  She wrote Black Lamb & Grey Falcom about Yugoslavia between the 
> World Wars.  And when everything starting getting crazy there a few years 
> ago, everyone dug up her book and said, "Oh, so that's what's going on."  
> Wrote great fiction and non-fiction.  Had a child with H. G. Wells out of 
> wedlock (well, Wells was married) who later wrote a biography of his father.
> She's easily one of the most fascinating writers of the 20th century.
> Rob, who likes to read
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