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Re: Archers Strike Back

well at least you don't live in fuckin' newfoundland!  the only people 
who come here are tina turner and jon bon!  at least halifax gets public 
enemy , green day and metallica, not to mention bands like d.o.a. and 
voivod, who won't even see their whole country.

i don't think sloan have come here since the great canadian party, and 
when eric's trip were here with the hip i hear they sucked.

fuckin' lazy bands blaming it on finances and economics.  geez, it used 
to be about the music. 

sexy in st. john's,
"i got more balls than the harlem globetrotters"-bloodhound gang

> In a sense, I totally agree with Brendan.  It seems as though some promoters
> think the world is flat, and that to go any farther than *Lower Canada*
> means they will fall off.  I would ask "why?"  Maybe if we show more support
> for those great bands that we would love to see come this far east, the
> promoters might do something and maybe the bands would come out this way.  I
> would love to see the Archers, Superchunk, Nothing Painted Blue, I would