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Re: Archers Strike Back

Jeremy Harris Clarke <g56jhc\!/morgan.ucs.mun.ca> railed:

}well at least you don't live in fuckin' newfoundland!  the only people 
}fuckin' lazy bands blaming it on finances and economics.  geez, it used 
}to be about the music. 
}sexy in st. john's,

I think it has a lot to do with travel time and distances.  
Everybody doesn't tour by private jet.  I'm planning a drive to SJ's 
from Halifax in June and it will take over 24 hours.  Consider 
gas, food, accomodations, $300 for the boat round trip, etc.  The bar 
is going to have to pay the band well over a grand to make it 
worthwhile.  Compare that to what the State Champs get for opening 
at the Bird.  Say the bar holds 300 at $8 a head.  What's the profit 

By the way, do any of you Newfies out there know how long it takes to 
drive from Port Aux Basques to Corner Brook and Corner Brook to St. 
John's?  I've heard ranges of 10-15 hours total but I'd like a more 
precise figure.

Island bound,