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if i have to come back there..... :)

my goodness, james steps out of the room for one day and you kids start 
to behave like hooligans. tsk, tsk. please try reading each other's posts 
more carefully, because it's hard for me, and maybe a few others, to 
figure out why some of you are gettin' so uptight.  

adam was wondering about huevos rancheros. now, i'm no expert, but here 
goes. graham, their beloved bassist, has left the group for other 
pursuits. i saw him tonight at the presidents of the united states of 
america/chixdiggit show (you know, i've never heard any of their music 
before, the presidents, that is, and they sound pretty much like 
chixdiggit AFTER puberty - not so bad) and mocked him for making "the 
stupidest career choice of the year" and so then he kicked me a couple of 
times in the knees and i suckerpunched him when he wasn't looking and 
gave him quite the gash. anyway, huevos rancheros SANS graham but with a 
new bassist are set to hit the road in april. check mintrand\!/aol.com for 
more information, eh?

just out of curiousity, how many of you have ever read up on the *real* 
rebecca west, sharp n' sassy feminist from the turn of the century? i 
stumbled upon a brief biography of her today and i must say, it was a 
very enjoyable read. i'd highly recommend taking a few moments to learn 
about one of halifax's greatest *rock* band's namesake. quite the classy 
dame, she was. :) :)

one last thing: did any of you haligonians go to cafe ole the other night 
when molly's reach played? i heard they played for ten people. hooray!

stoked for radiohead on thursday,
tara :) :)

ps/ everyone should be really freakin' jealous of calgarians, for we are 
to be blessed by the presence of henry "all women are bitches" rollins. 
yee fuckin haw... :P :P :P :P  

ps+/ sorry this is so long and pointless, but hey, what are you gonna do, 
tell james? ha ha ha....

"Though we may part, though we may not live in the same town,
 it doesn't matter to me. We will always be in New Orleans."

"But now there's fireworks, cotton candy, bad days, and you."

        **PIGGY**Calypso Orchestra of the Maritimes**