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*No Sloan Content*

>I didn't say, or imply that the music here isn't "the shit".. 
>but if you listen to music outside the scope of Sloan/Jale/TH/HP/SF
>you might care when someone like the Archers come (as most other 
>American acts do) to Canada and you don't get to see them because
>we aren't worth the drive or whatever. Fugazi, will never come
>here.. I can deal with that. I guess I am going to have to travel 
>if I want to see them. 

Just for interests sake....

I have emailed Dischord, who forwarded my message to some other Fugazi
related address (I think it was someone who helps them with their tours).
They told me that Fugazi has never played any further east than Quebec City.
The reason is because they have a list of contacts and places they
play/played and they simply do not know of any contacts/places to play in
Eastern Canada.  They asked me to email them a list of possible venues and

Of course they did mention that they were aware of the extra travel that
would be involved in such a venture and mentioned that it would have to be
worth their trip.

Something like that....

-Dan(an ant)