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Re: cheklove speaks

Is this Lil't feller, the same MC formerly known as
"little man tate"?? I hear he's been kickin flava
since he was in pampers. Well, we need someone here
with a little knowledge to tell us what is goin on 
in the Haltown hip-hop scene.. I always tell what I 
know, but to be quite honest, it isn't tooo damn much.
Sooo... why doesn't Waye drag CL to his computer once
in a while to keep us all informed on what is going 
on, whaddya say?.. That would be "the bomb" IMHO.. 
I'll be looking for this Han Solo comp, and it better
be good... this is where I try to "bust a rhyme":
I kick mad flavah like a kung-fu master
Porches are quick but I am a lot fastah
I got more dope rhymes than a junkie on payday
Like my man Peter North I'm blowin away MCs that step..
....ahh forget it, I'll leave it to the pros.
MC Brendan.