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Just don't colour outside the lines, baby.

On Tue, 12 Mar 1996, Michael Damian Catano wrote

> c'mon, tell me, how many people out there are really, really into the 
> dead milkmen?  weird al?  comedy and rock do not mix.  esecially if you 

	Comedy and everything mix, Mike - to a certain extent, at least.
Humour is universal. Like there isn't humour in Sloan songs. Like Thrush
Hermit's set of Steve Miller covers wasn't tongue in cheek. Like the Local
Rabbits take themselves really seriously. You want more examples? 
	From the world of "rock": The Smashing Pumpkins line in "Range
Life." Me Mom and Morgentaler. The New Duncan Imperials. King Missile. 
Furnaceface. The Look People. NOFX (and please don't start up that debate
again). I mean, even Morrissey wrote some funny lyrics, and Bobby
Wiseman's serious stuff is just as brilliant as his humourous stuff.
	From the world of "comedy": The Kids in the Hall's songs. Monty 
Python. Four on the Floor. Whose Line Is It Anyway?
	There are more examples which I'm sure you can think of on your
own. I'm not saying any of these are good or bad - they're just examples
off the top of my head. All I'm saying is, just because you don't like
laughter with your punk doesn't make it invalid. It just depends on how
far you want to take it. Personally, I think the Dead Milkmen rule. Well,
they did around 1989, anyway.
	(Former) EC content: any news on Spine, James?


"All my good dreams have soybeans. Feel them melting in my throat.
 All my protein is so clean, 'cause it isn't from a cow or a goat.
 And I'll bring SOY TO THE WORLD! I'll bring SOY TO THE WORLD!
 So we'll all be strong and agile. And I'll bring SOY TO THE WORLD!"

- "Soy to the World," by the Bonaduces (a good band with humourous lyrics)