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(Delete if you hate questions/CD singles)

1.)   Ok, to everyone searching for sloan singles, it can be done.
At the beginning of march I had 0 of the DGC singles, And I've now obtained
2, and tentatively the third.  No I don't have any more.  I'm *not* bragging,
i'm just sick of people flaming others for asking about them, because
frankly, if someone hadn't asked for the umpteenth time, I wouldn't have
found anyone to help me with IATC, or Take it in, and this would probably be
another post offering stuff for them.  Also, the underwhelmed single I found
isn't the coveted one.  It only has 1 song, but for now, I'm happy. I'ts not
in the thinline case, it's one of those cardboard sleeve deals.  I don't know
if the cover art matches up with the thinline case one, but it has a picture
of the boys on the smeared photo set on the front, and on the back are
pictures of the smeared cover in several color variations a la andy warhol.

2.)  Also, I know there are some huevos rancheros experts floatin' around
here somewhere...soooo...
Are they broken up?  What's the deal?  Is the Dig IN! Vinyl still available
on mint?
Does anyone know if mint has internet shtuff?
They should have their own web page. You should see Man or astroman's.
Once again discography help, please:
Dig in
Rockin' 7"
cheese 7"
go west 7"
cindy 7"
estrus crust 7-11 7"
moam split 7"
ViceBarons split 7"

Is the mailing address on the singles still good?

3.) I got my murder order the other day, and here's an excerpt from the

Q: When's there gonna be a new catalog?
A: New catalogue _WITH OUR NEW RECORD_ in may.

I guess it's on murder.

4.) If I sent money for the local rabbits CD now, would they send it to me
when it comes out, or should I wait for a catalogue appearence?