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Re: Brendan Strikes Back

On Tue, 19 Mar 1996, Brendan Ryan wrote:

> I didn't say, or imply that the music here isn't "the shit".. 
> but if you listen to music outside the scope of Sloan/Jale/TH/HP/SF
> you might care when someone like the Archers come (as most other 
> American acts do) to Canada and you don't get to see them because
> we aren't worth the drive or whatever. Fugazi, will never come
> here.. I can deal with that. I guess I am going to have to travel 
> if I want to see them. 

	Look who you're talking to, Brendan. Do you think Winnipeg is
being inundated with American indie rock bands? Last time I checked, the
Archers had never played _here_, either. The Prairies are nearly as
barren as the Maritimes when it comes to really good non-local music. The
reality is, if you don't live in Toronto or Vancouver (or, to a lesser
extent, Montreal), you're not going to be seeing very many of that type of
good US (British, German, Australian, etc) bands. Not that we shouldn't 
do all we can to change that.

	That said, I'm certainly not whining, and I don't think you ought
to be, either. Winnipeg's music scene is incredible, and I honestly
wouldn't trade it for all the Fugazis in the world. Halifax's local scene,
from what I can tell, is nothing to be ashamed of either.  The biggest
difference I can think of between Winnipeg and Halifax is you have the Pop
Explosion, and we have nothing at all that compares. And I'm still not 
complaining, so why should you. 

	Peace, brother,


"I watch them both with my telescope.
 I'm watching both her hands on a bottle of Coke.
 And her medic alert tag says she's okay,
 just allergic to peanuts, so she'd better stay away."
	- The Bonaduces, "Really Powerful Telescope"