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cheklove speaks

  Alright ,who's writing my rhymes on the net. It was you wasn't it,catano.
  your dead when I see you. Dead! Do you hear me.
   Okay. the real reason I posted was to get you junkies up on what's 
going on in the much disrespected hip hop scene this month.{like you all 
care ,heh heh heeeeaaahhhhhhhh, ahem.}
 Alright. the Underground alien Nathan C {ruffneck} is ready to drop his 
debut on Halifax.After this tape is pumped from anyone's stereo, pants 
throughout the city will need washing. Too dope to be true.  
  Six-Too's third tape in a year is on the rack. And, #4 is in the process.
  look for his video, "seeker".
 Stinkin' Rich is known as Uncle Climax.And he's ready to rip his stuff 
around if he remembers that it was what he wanted to do.
-- A new  the scene is 16 year old lil'T. 
  A compilation of East coast hip hop is in the works for  Han Solo 
records out of Toronto. If it goes through it will feature six-too 
,nathan C ,hip club groove, lil'T, mass mc's, classified, uncle climax, 
skillz, gordski, and more.
 My boy, dj moves is releasing his solo album on the one and only ANT 
F#$%kin' records.It consistes of the best insrumental beats on the 
planet, and some songs that feature six-too, myself, mackenzie, nathan 
c,rich, gordski and lil't.
 Finally, we're playing Fredriton Thursday, sydney on  friday, and cafe 
ole / birdland on saturday. MacKenzie's actually coming.
 Oh yeah, before I forget. i'm hearing stuff about our relationship with 
murder. get off it. Everybody loves each other,and there's no time to 
make stupid sqabbles about things that rumour people
love to hear. mind your buisness and talk about what someone was wearing 
in an interview [if your of those vultures].
  what's up drew , I'll call you tommorow.
 hey colin, dan ,and
 awh later. 

 Waye Mason             : "The shooting goes well.  I borrow a .357
                        : Magnum and fire a hot slug into the forehead
  aa551\!/ccn.cs.dal.ca   : of a life sized stuffed Barney.  This brings
  P.O. Box 36082        : peace upon me.
  Halifax, Nova Scotia  : 
  B3J 3S9               : Kumbaya, motherfucker."