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Re: syncopation

Yeah, I think Jim was really being serious,
really.. he is not a "songwriter".. he's a 

> On Tue, 19 Mar 1996, James Cooper wrote:
> > I would *only* write a song if it involved full frontal syncopation!:)
> > jim
Rick Waterman retorted with:
> 	Who really cares if the song has full syncopation, crescendoes, 
> staccatoes or what have you, if it sounds like a good piece of music, 
> that is all you should be concerned with. There is no right or wrong way 
> to write a song, unless you are Milli Vanilli. Jesus, see what mentioning 
> a musically literate term can do. Sheesh, good thing all these have East 
> Coast content. Get off it.