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sink this buddy

to all syncopated dissers: syncopation is "a temporary displacement or
shifting of the regular metrical accent in a musical composition
occurring typically when a tone is begun on an unaccented beat and
continuted through the following accented beat or when a tone begins
after the commencent of a beat and is continued into the following
beat." so, when i was talking about "spaceship opening" or whatever
it's called, i was perfectly correct.  the song has a fast, driving
4/4 tempo about it, and the syncopated parts come in like "da da da
da" or "ba ba ba ba" (whatever) as heavy bass hits paired with crash
cymbals a la marc.  yes, this is syncopation because the accent occurs
on the off-beat (the "and" some call it) and not on the beat.  i am a
drummer, and i've played a lot of jazz.  i know what syncopation is.
i AM syncopation baby.  jon