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los tripos (not in kansas babee)

hey.  i thought i'd better talk a bit about my trip to the lovely land
of halifax because i had so much more fun this weekend than on march
break in kingston/montreal/toronto.  where do i start?  how about
thursday night....when i got in town we quickly proceeded to the
plumtree/state champs show \!/ birdland.  i had never been to a cinnamon
toast record release show before, so i totally chowed down on toast.
i think they were getting annoyed w/ me, the toastmakers were.  so
yeah, james already said, both bands had stellar sets.  my highlight
of the champs was dace getting down sans strap.  that guy belongs in
shellac.  plumtree are much better live, lately anyway.  i've never
gotten into their recordings but i'll sit down with the new one soon.
friday brought a visit to murder to drop off the new toolie and i met
jay and marc.  i had heard so much about marc from tara that i kind of
had preconceived ideas about him.  but tara, he's not THAT much of a
hoser.  ha.  i hooked up w/ j.c. and met roderick \!/ bob and lori's
near the end of the dusty sorbet set.  dusty was okay, but piggy, as
roderick put it so eloquently "kicked my ass".
for the uninformed, piggy are a group which on that night contained
drums, standup bass, violin, clarinet, alto sax and guitar/vox.  they
were so fun.  paul is actually a friend of a friend, so i had heard of
them before, but never expected this.  he has so much charisma on
stage that you can't help but smile and bounce along.  the 50 or so of
us there kept laughing and some sang along.  i got to trade for their
new tape "apocalypso" and it is no less disappointing.  i'm now on the
pigwagon dudes.  after that, covey drove us down to birdland to see
o.g., marvin and eric's trip.  marvin was a joke out of hand.  but i
laughed.  not as much as roderick though.  it was, believe or not, my
first et live experience.  they've been to fredericton numerous times
but it's ALWAYS during my radio show.  they were really good.  not
amazing, but good.  "spaceship"
was a highlight for me.  it was so tight and julie's head totally
bounced at the "da da da da da" syncopated heavy bass parts.  james
and i were in awe.  she must've had a headache.  i had no $$$ for the
new broken girl but i can tell you from talking to julie that it has a
diff. version of "dance music" on it and "soon, coming closer", the
latter of which was recorded when she was pregnant last nov with just
her and rick on drums.  and the back pic is cute too of her and jon.
so anyway, that's my trip.  i finally got to see the real haltown, and
got my sloannet t-shirt from jon, and met the rome plows, and watched
catano break sticks, and got my unsold toolie tapes back from sam's,
and got yelled at by drunk people in cars who thought toques were
unusual.  i can't wait to go back!  jon