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ffiction ffive.

hello all:)

for those interested, the fall/winter96 ish. of our obsessive sloan zine
ffiction is out. it's got less sloan content now that they're in hibernation,
but its sloany nonetheless. & inane as usual.:)

interviews: nerdy girl, hayden, sarah shatz
features: len, kim deal, PEI bands-strawberry & chase, subway, japan,
	ranma1/2, ronco food dehydrators, sloan x-files cont'd, stealth, candy
	canes, sloan games, martha stewart, artsiness, stickers, school house
	rock, and more.
comix: 3 sloan cartoons, bianca amyot feature, fishman, i like that,
	katie keen, etc.
also: tonnes of record reviews and zine reviews, sloan everywhere. :)

ffiction is $2 ppd from
1501 Roberval Ave, Orleans, ON. k4a 2c4.

**also be sure to pick up the new issues of carol's nifty IN THE MEANTIME
and heather's TALLY.:)

tara :)

"The smile that you send out...
   returns to you." :)
-Indian Wisdom