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Eric's Trip 7"

Well, I just picked up a Eric's Trip 7" from the local independant record
store in Ottawa (Shake Records).  IT RAWKS.  

The songs are: 

1. The Road South  2. Smoke  3.  I Exist

The Road South, was written by The Shoestrings and is recorded live although
I'm not sure where.  Smoke was recorded in 1993 and it is the highlight of
this 7".  I Exist was written in 1990 and recorded live at the lovely
esquire tavern, may 1995, it's a strange song filled with distortion but I
still like it :-)  This single is out on Sonic Unyon (sunss022) and written
on the vinyl itself it says I have the 500/1000 single made, wow I feel special.

well, that's my semi-review/information  of this Eric's Trip slab of vinyl.
Everyone probably already has this thing but hey I'm new to this mailing
list so please don't get mad at me.


- DuNcAn

 d u n c a n \!/ t r a v e l - n e t . c o m
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Dark is not the opposite of light it's the abscence 
of light and I thought to myself she's knows what 
she's talking about, and for a moment, I knew what 
it was all about." - Adam Yauch
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