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I just saw Plumtree live in Ottawa at the Pit a couple of Friday's ago and
they were really good.  I even met Amanda Braden after the show and bought
her a 7-up.  After the show and my delicious 7-up she headed off to CHUO
(campus of Ottawa Radio) and co-hosted Tom Green's own his radio show, The
Midnight Caller.  You remember Tom Green don't you?, that skinny guy who was
in that wanna be Beasties rap group, Organized Rhyme a few years back.  The
radio show was cool, and I even called in and she remembered me from the
show at the Pit, I talked to her and Tom about girl troubles and stuff, and
she was very nice :-)  The next day I went downtown and I bought Mass Teen
Fainting, WOW, it's very good, It could be one of my favorite albums of all
time even.  

- DuNcAn

 d u n c a n \!/ t r a v e l - n e t . c o m
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"And a voice spoke in my head, and she said:
Dark is not the opposite of light it's the abscence 
of light and I thought to myself she's knows what 
she's talking about, and for a moment, I knew what 
it was all about." - Adam Yauch
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