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live live live

i just don't have time to write a long review of all the gigs
this weekend.  too many bands!  maybe someone else can chip in
with juicy details.  anyways, here's what i saw, briefly...

friday night:  STATE CHAMPS did one of their rockingest sets
yet.  mike catano broke two drumsticks, and finished the last
song with one stick while jon tried to hold up his bass til
the end after his strap broke.  excellent versions of the
hits and future hits:  "teen circuit", "set up in frats",
"you'll love the epcot palms".  PLUM TREE came out after them
and did the best set i've ever seen them do.  if they keep
speeding up their songs pretty soon it will take 15 minutes
to do everything on the album!  they did all their songs during
the main set and so had to dust off joan jett "i love rock and
roll" for their encore -- new bassist catriona had to learn it
on the fly.  as usual (with cinnamon toast release parties),
there was free cinnamon toast to be had, and there were new
plumtree t-shirts, posters, and yes, the cd _mass teen fainting_,
which is easily their best release yet.  
saturday night:  started out with AVENGERS 7 at bob&lori's,
a band featuring members of state champs, piggy, and plumtree.
the cheesy organ sound of the synthesizer was great.  don't
know how serious a project this is but i'm liking it.  
the ART ENSEMBLE OF HALIFAX (aka an offshoot of the jordan
musto trio) did their free jazz thing for a while, which
was totally cool.  at one point jordan and pete switched
instruments (sax & clarinet).  DUSTY SORBET played with a
drummer, which made his songs sound a lot different and
better, i thought.  PIGGY did the longest set they've ever
done, i think.  it was a lot of fun -- at one point two
alex's "embellished" a song...  one read poetry over top
of the funky groove the band were laying down, the other
alex went about painting the nails (fingers and toes) of
the musicians *while they were playing*.  amazing version
of "emma goldman" at the end.  i think they sold quite a
few copies of their cassette _apocalypso_, which has indeed
knocked off eric's trip and is the top record at ckdu-fm
this week.  i migrated to birdland and caught the tail end
of the set by ORANGE GLASS.  boy, they were totally rocking
out; much heavier and better than last time they played here.
wore my ice-t 'OG' ("original gangster") t-shirt just for
a joke -- ron bates from OG ("orange glass", that is) told
me "i gotta get one of those!"  i guess they are doing a 
split 7" with STRAWBERRY on cargo.  MARVIN are these twelve-
year-olds from moncton who do covers of nirvana, sex pistols,
etc. -- i guess mark from eric's trip got them the gig at
birdland.  they can play their instruments but their singing
sounds like they're totally bored!  they were probably just
nervous.  i guess their moms were backstage.  :-)  
ERIC'S TRIP did a heavy set, even for them.  they did a
few tracks from the new album (in album order), but then
they launched into some standards.  there was lots of
feedbacky noise between songs, like they used to do more
of in their sets.  i really dug that.  great versions of
"alone & annoyed", "frame", "spaceship"... in fact, pretty
much every song was great.  they did this long, slow,
weird one at the end of their encore, though, that sounded
like "wild thing" on valium.  also during the encore, 
chris did a moonsocket song ("what if the sun blew up")
with rick on drums, while julie and mark were offstage.
i bought the BROKEN GIRL cd and listened to it when i
got home and again this morning.  it is so amazing that
i will have to post a proper, detailed review later.
ok, time for breakfast.


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