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Re: Eric's Trip 7"

HI, I'm just basking in the joy that was the Eric's Trip show last night 
in Haltown. Despite the seemingly usual technical difficulties, the gang 
had the whole place entranced with a wide selection of new and old 
pop-ditties. The 'Purple Blue' songs sound much better live than they did 
at the last Pop Explosion and in particular "spaceship opening" was 
almost as loud and energetic as the NOFX show in '95 (now THAT was a show).
WE, the audience, were even blessed with some tracks off of 'Peter' and 
,as an encore' the exdcellant moonsocket tune 'whole other world'. All in 
all, one hell of a fun way to kill your friday night.

Maybe I'll write a more extensive review another time.