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That show the other night

    Yep, made the trip to Halifax to see ET, and was it worth it, 

The Chinstraps:  Only the second I've seen them and I gotta say they 
were better than the last time but still not good enough to say that 
I'd like them.  
Orange Glass:  The last time I saw them was in August at the Bazooka 
Fest in Sackville, NB and they've improved one hell of alot.  Chris 
Flannagan's drumming was solid through the whole set and Ron's stage 
personality was nothing short of Jekyll and Hyde to his usual shy 
self.  He owned the word feedback for the evening and Tara was her 
usual jumping/bass-playing self.  Her mic was never turned up loud 
enough but the onstage antics sometimes made you forget about the 
whole singing thing.
Marvin:  When I talked to Ron before the show he said that Mark 
Gaudet had been writing letters or had been in correspendence with 
these kids for awhile.  Everybody complains about the lateness of the 
shows so the last thing you need is to see these (I heard they were) 
14 year old little men doing Nirvana covers, I have nothing against 
Nirvana but every lame ass high school talent show has 12 bands that 
could do what Marvin put on.   It was especially annoying at one in 
the morning when you're dying to see Eric's Trip.  I've said it 
before and I'll say it again, sometimes Mark Gaudet is an idiot.
Eric's Trip:  Haven't seen them in awhile and so I had been running 
around my dorm looking for a car and someone to drive it in for about 
a week to make sure we could get in.  I wouldn't say that I was 
disappointed, I guess, but I have seen them play alot better.  Chris 
seemed to be off in his own little world all night and that was like 
the best part of the show, his improvisations on guitar were fucking 
incredible!  But Mark (wow, I'm cutting him up alot) didn't seem to be 
wailing on the drums as much as he usually does and I couldn't 
see much of Rick all night.  Julie was her usual apolegetic self and 
I think went temporarily insane during Spaceship Opening...come to 
think, they all did and it was great!  But I guess the biggest qualms 
I had were 1) It was the first time out of eight that they didn't 
play Happens All The Time, 2) Rick looked really scary while playing 
drums and 3) It seemed like just another show for them and personally 
it looked like half the time they just weren't into it.  Excluding 
Spaceship Opening and I'm So Near Here.

        Just kinda blah about the whole thingily yours,
        Paul Landry