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My God, i am now a sickie!

I am making almost as many postings as Tara from the West!  help!!!
Since people do Plumtree and Rome PLow reviews all the time, here comes a 
revoew of a Winnipeg show.
The Bonaduces/Swin  - Wellington's

This is the first time I was there since it was a fetish bar.  Now, its 
just a normal bar.  The opening act was Swim, which were doing their 
first show ever.  I think everyone could tell that this was teir first 
show - all 20 of us in the bar.  It was Doug from the Bonaduces 
girlfriend singing lead and playing guitar.  I honestly think they have 
potential if they kill theri drummer, who really did suck.  Couldn't keep 
a beat and never heard of the words "fill" or "variation".  But it was 
wierd sounding and catchy and very bassy, whiuch is cool.  Luckily, the 
only played for a long 30 min.
The Bonaduces, who I have seen far too many times now, were the usual.  
Wait, I think I am now a Bonagroupie.  Ugg!! Anyways, they kicked ass.  
The only downfalls of theri show were: the low ceilings that kept Koopie 
from jumping, Koopie breaking a string and theri cover of "purple Rain."  
You know Doug had been fyuing to do that since his Banned From Atlantis 
days.  But the Bonaduces rocked, and theri music makes even the Ramones 
jealous.  Lotsa energy, funny lyrics and a great show.  If they were from 
Toronto, Muchmusic would be doing a segment on FAX on the every night.  
They played for a real long time.  After tehir show, we went to the 
Albert and saw the end of (is this the right name?) The All-Girls 
Brothers Band.  They were cute and good, but all theri songs sound the 
same.  Fun evening.  Ears still ringing, so SPEAK UP!

"Slack is good." - J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, Church of the SubGenius