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Hello sloanetters!

Well Bishop's University got Monoxidized once again last night.  
Saturday March 16 that is.  Well I don't know why people have a hard 
time liking these guys because they..."rawk."   It was at the Lion 
Pub here in Lennoxville.  We watched Tyson beat the crap out of that 
British boxer Bruno; then the tables moved; the old people left; and 
the first band hit the stage in under 5-10 minutes.  Bootleg was the 
first band.  They are a frosh band but I don't think many of you 
would be interested in their style so I will just say that they are good 

Ok, they hit the stage around...hmmm...lets say 1:15am.  They started 
with some much needed noise and then rocked like I knew they would.  
Energy times ten!!!!!  They are probably the most energetic band 
around.  They jump around, get down on the floor and do their wicked 
cheesy moves.  I love these moves.  The crowd here love it even more 
than the band.  That was evident because the crowd was also being 
very cheesy by giving the "I love you" hand signals that was very 
popular in the heavy metal era.  The Monoxides know it's cheesy and 
so does the crowd but the point is everyone is doing it for fun.  Fun it 
was!  The tunes were great, it made the crowd go crazy.  A little 
mosh pit full of essay/midterm/work stressed students needing a 
little dose of rock & roll.  The crowd went crazy when the Monoxides 
played their hit song, "I got an Idea" (it's also on video:  a bunch of Riverview 
kids running around the band near Riverview high school.  Really "kewl" 
video my fellow sloanet friends).  The Monoxides said good night and 
stepped off the stage but the crowd kept on screaming for them to come 
back.  They did.  They played another 2 or 3 songs to the delight of the 
Bishop's crowd.  All in all they were awesome, ten times better then the 
last time they came out.....and that was a good show too!
I'll give them another 10 out of 10.

See Ya,
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