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ET interview/and stuff

if you are in a city that is fortunate enough to have a Sam the Record Man,
than go there and pick up a magazine called 'Nettwork'.   it's put out by
Sam and this month it has an interview with Julie Claytor about purple blue.
it's not a very long interview, but considering the magasine is free, hey,
you can't go wrong!

also, while i was at Sam, i noticed a cd called 'music in the 90's' or
something along those lines.  it had a picture of a groovy skater on it, so,
expecting to find songs from offspring and of course greenday on it, i
looked to the song list on the back, getting ready to laugh...to my
surprise, Sonic Youth and  Sloan (coax me) were on it! There was also a song
on it from a band called King Missile (i think) called Detachable
Penis...neat song!