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KITH hype: where is it?

If the new Kids In THe Hall movie and soundtrack are coming out April 14, 
then where's the hype?  I expected every Canadian zine and TV show to be 
going, um, what's the adjective I'm looking for..um..well, forget it.  
But is the movie really coming out on the 14th?
Oh, and as usual, my letters have a second part.  I know its imoral and 
you all may want to whomp my butt for this, but:


There.  I said it quietly.  Anyone here interested in trading any 
Canadian band bootlegs?  I got a few happenin' ones.  By the way, trading 
is legal, but selling is illegal.  I am not breaking the law here - I am 
just being immoral.  Here's what I have:

Sloan - CBC Radio concert and a Winnipeg show (before 2ce Removed)
Eric's Trip - Live Lee's Palace 1995
Thrush Hermit and Guided By Voices - live London, ON I think
I had Hayden and jale, but my brother erased them by accident.  I think I 
have an other ET Winnipeg show coming my way soon.  Oh, I also have hHead 
and King Cobb Steelie.  I also have non-Canadian stuff, like Nirvana 
(good stuff) and REM and shit like that.  Let me know.

"Slack is good." - J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, Church of the SubGenius