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Re: Just one request:

The Man they call Revine (as opposed to "Reveen") 
<umsigesm\!/cc.UManitoba.ca> pondered:

}Maybe I'm the only one who hates deleting 15 sucky messages for every 1 
}good one I get.

Maybe I'm the only one who hates seeing the verb "to suck" turned 
into an adjective.

}And did anyone have the Halifax College radio station mailing address?

Dalhousie University
1236 Henry Street, Halifax NS B3H 9Z9
or 6136 University Ave. Halifax NS B3H 4J2

Unless you were looking for Halifax College, in the UK.  Can't help 
you there.  I think they get email at CKDU\!/ or CKDUFM\!/ac.dal.ca also.