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Re: jale + the euphonic + scratching post

> At 10:57 PM 3/12/96 -0400, Mike wrote:

>>what the hell does that mean.  "oh she's
>>ok, for a girl..."   did you 
>>ever see that prince movie?  sheesh,
>> it's 1996, brutha!  shave the hair
>>off your back and join
>> civilised society.

Ha! ha! yeah right. 
I hope nobody flame on this. time for you to admit guilt.
hi hi! admit that over-PCness suck too.

Sister Ray respond :
> no, i'm not saying "oh she's ok, for a girl..."

don't worry. most of us didn't thought so either. at all.

> i would never say anything like that, because I'M a girl and that's

(my first name is Amol.
i'm a girl la la la!)

> like being racist against myself. i'm saying i think she's really
> cool, very talented, and she's sort of an inspriation for me, i
> really look up to her, as cheesy as that may sound, because i've
> been told that i'm a lot like she was when she was my age (14). and
> right now i'm in a band that seems like it's not going anywhere,
> but i know that it's possible for me to go on and be moderatly
> successful, because nicole has proved that it CAN be done.  i'm not
> saying "oh, i want to be just like nicole!  i want my band to be
> the next scratching post!"  nothing like that.  i just really
> admire her and i think she's really hard-working, and really
> talented and that's how she became as successful as she is.

that's not cheezy, kid. that's all good to me. everyone needs someone 
to look up to. Whatever may be the reasons. you seem to have pretty 
good ones.
> >> my second favourite london band right now, after New Grand of
> course  :)                                         ^^^^^^^^^ 
>well i guess that says it all right there. so

i think Mike meant more something like you change your mind with 
the market mood. sell while it's high they say. well here's my 
respond to that : human beings have different mood, and so is the music. 
I change my mind about my favorite band every time my mood change.
that mean every year, every month, every day, even every hoors 
In the morning, Plumtree is my fav band. they put a smile on my face 
and get me going for the day. In the afternoon, driving aroung town, 
nothing is better then Swervedriver. Pavement ist rad too. before 
going out some brit pop in the slot is all good. At parties, Twice 
Removed is fun to sing along to. Late evening, with a glass of 
martini, i listen to Mel Tormey or some Duke Ellington. whatever fits 
the mood.

And if they call me a whore because I change my preference all the 
time. well, so be it. I'll fuck'em all!

the rest of it is trends, bad religions and golden lambs.
and i don't beleive in any of them.

"we are bigger than Jesus Christ..." -John Lennon