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Re: eric's trip tab

> Date sent:      Wed, 13 Mar 1996 12:58:51 -0500 (EST)
> From:           ANGELA UTTLEY <yu146443\!/YorkU.ca>
> Subject:        eric's trip tab
> To:             sloanet <jrcovey+sloan\!/ac.dal.ca>

> does anybody know how to play some eric's trip songs on guitar? i'd like 
> the tab for any songs doesn't really matter what ones.
> ang
Here's the way i play Behind the Garage, off of Love Tara.  The 
verses are quite certain, though I'm not sure of the way i play the 
chorus part.  I find it sounds all right though.  Actually, Tara Lee 
Wittchen has seen me play this...long story.

Chords used: C Am G F7.

C ----- Am  -----   G   --+--   F7  -----x
  --+--     -----o      ---+-       -----o
  ---+-     ---+-       -----       --+--
  -----     ---+-       -----       ---+-
  ----+     ----+       -----       ----+
  -----     -----o      --+--       -----o
  C                             Am
  Would you like to talk about this...
  G                                     F7
  'Cause everything i say does not make sense
  C                                     Am
  It's not 'cause what i did behind the garage
  G                                F
  I'd just like the reason i can't talk
  Am then G and then F7 (strum with vigor)
                        How come it upsets you so
  Am then G and then F7 
                        Shouldn't it be me who fears (?) my dreams
  Am then G and then F7
                        How come you first think of my health
  Am then G and then F7 
                        I'm tryin to forget...
  Next verse = same chord pattern, as with next chorus.  Song on 
tape ends with repeated F7.

Hope that helps.  If anyone on sloannet thinks that there is 
something wrong with my "transcription", please send corrections.

Oh, and this song sounds great with harmonica in it.  Go to a dollar 
store and find a cheap double-reed harmonica made in China.  You 
won't pay more than 3$ and the sound is really quite good."Fingers burn clean inside-out from the marrow to the skin
An explosion of sin.
Fire cleans
And leaves a different kind of mess.
Intangible. Like life."

- Soulboy

"Naked we come 
And bruised we go.
Nude pastry
For the slow, soft worms below."

- Jim "asshole" Morrison