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hey kids.  just wanted to let you know about the latest kelp records
release, because self promotion is the ONLY promotion.  i've just
finished putting together a tribute to guided by voices called
SCALPING THE GURU.  there are bands from all over the continent
involved, and a few sloannetters too.  they are: a:v, matt varilek and
jerry webber, kilgore trout, johari window, big daddy blues explosion,
durian, armchair rambo, can can dynamite, the awkwards, paul harrison,
deral fenderson, dr. atom and the orbitals, sinus wave, myke
weiskopf's no fi 95, and bob saget (that america's funniest home video
guy).  so if yer interested, send off $4u.s. or $5 canadian to KELP
RECORDS 32 ascot court, fredericton nb, e3b 6c4 and join the legion of
rockers that is to take over the world.  also, distribution
opportunities are available for the young entrepeneur.  later, jon