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plumtree are metalheads

At 12:35 PM 3/14/96 -0400, you wrote:
>                          The Daily News Worldwide
>                      By ANDY PEDERSEN -- The Daily News

>   Thursday, March 14, 1996
>Tree Roots
>   Plumtree flourishes in rocky ground - between wailing heavy metal   and
jangly pop.
>   Randy Rhodes is a major Plumtree influence? How could the
>   lightening-fingered guitar wizard who virtually made Ozzy Osbourne's
>   solo career have anything to do with the bouncing pop of the city's
>   other all-girl band.

Plumtree are without doubt some of the world's biggest metal fans. I play in
a band from Ontario that recently toured to Halifax and stayed with the ever
gracious Plumtree. Throughout their basement are copies of "playing guitar"
videotapes with metal guitarists dressed in leather. 

Despite this infatuation with metal, Plumtree are without doubt some of the
nicest people I have met, and a really cool band. We played with them at
Cafe Ole and despite the fact that their Cd's hadn't arrived, they were calm
(though disappointed) and played a really good show.

I hope their CD release goes very well.

Robert, Licorice Fix