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Re: Just one request:

Date sent:      Thu, 14 Mar 1996 10:20:01 -0600 (CST)
From:           The Man they call Revine <umsigesm\!/cc.UManitoba.ca>

> If you wanna respond to a posting, do one of the following:
> 1) Respond privately if it is only worth the postee hearing - eg. guitar 
> tabs to a song
> 2) Why keep on responding to the same posting a millions times, 
> especially if you aren't saying anything too worth while - eg "Man, that 
> Scratching Post show really did suck." or "About sitting during 
> shows..yeah, I agree with you."
> Maybe I'm the only one who hates deleting 15 sucky messages for every 1 
> good one I get.
> And did anyone have the Halifax College radio station mailing address?

Sorry man, but to all your requestSs : NO!
subscribing to a mailing list, subscribe you to the delete button at 
the same time. it just the way it is with all e-mail lists.
tabs songs definitly fit in this mailing list. even though i have no 
interest in them right NOW, maybe layta, when i'll know how to play 
guitar i'll be happy to read those. and i don't want to take away the 
pleasure of others who actualy enjoy those post. so i just delete 
those. And Scraching Post did play halifax this weekend. maybe you're 
relativly new to this list, but it is a tradition here of doing 
reviews of non-east-coast bands when they play the area. 
btw, there is many "colleges" in halifax, therefore many "radios". I, 
for a SMU student can give the address of our AM radio station if you 
like, but i don't think that's what you're looking for. Ask for Dal 
radio station CKDU.(if you haven't notice that my thing about radio 
was sarcasm seek professional help). yet...

if you're not happy, i suggest you FIRST post your concern to james. 
THEN if things don't evolve in a way that satisfy you, post a 
message that says "you all suck" and unsubscribe.

btw, i'm just posting this to the whole list not to flamejob you or 
whatever. i'm just trying to make a point about people that don't 
like some posts or else. James is not a listserv. he understand and 
knows where to draw the line. he as done it succesfuly and politly 
more than a few time. it works amazingly. just tell him first, and 
usualy, if he has received enough letters of that same content he 
will tell us to quit it. 
beleive me. lot's of peolple enjoy enormously what you despise. 
ho well...hope you understand my concern. 

beleive there is lists that are waaayyy worse.