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Re: funny ha ha, the local rabbits, etc.

Tara Lee said:

}first, congratulations to yan raymond for his post about christmas :) ,
}that was the funniest thing i've seen in weeks. second prize goes to mike 
}graham, it had me rolling on the floor. thanks, you guys. :)

Ah, but topping those is:

1)Ms. Rillie believing Mike Graham carries a laptop (with an 
explanation).  A little sarcasm goes a long way, but a lot of 
sarcasm should be easier to spot.
2)Ms. Wilmot, a 14-year old girl, rather than a hairy neanderthal, 
putting Mike Catano, male crusader for the feminist cause, in his 
place.  Isn't it neat how those anti-mysogynist diatribes only work 
when aimed at men.

}but, wow, some of the upper canadians are cranky today.... :)

Yeah, let's all lighten up.

I go to Dal, write useless posts, and archive them all to justify