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Re: reeducktoe add absurdum

See, the really funny thing about Mikes post is _HE IS NOT KIDDING_.. I 
kid you not.. he really does bring a laptop to the show, but he's not 
alone, there are others. I have seen them. I think they must have some 
sort of network setup at the birdland, how else do you think James gets to 
review the gigs before I can even get home from them.. he lives like 3 or 
4 times farther away than any of us, and when I get home and fire up the 
ol computer, he's already got the review posted.. I tell you, it's a sign 
of things to come man.
Uberfans unite!,

On Wed, 13 Mar 1996, Ian wrote:

> > P.S. are you joking or something?
> > Claudine
> > 
> Yes, he is joking--everybody knows that you don't take your GOOD laptop to 
> shows...that way you don't have to worry about what happens to it.
> ian