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Re: jale + the euphonic + scratching post

At 10:57 PM 3/12/96 -0400, you unfortunately wrote:
>i really can't follow this.  it's cool 'cause it's all a big joke.  
>ha-ha.  the monoxides aren't funny anymore (if they ever were),
ok, well maybe the monoxides were a bad example, because i'll admit i don't
like them that much either.  
>what the hell does that mean.  "oh she's ok, for a girl..."   did you 
>ever see that prince movie?  sheesh, it's 1996, brutha!  shave the hair 
>off your back and join civilised society.
no, i'm not saying "oh she's ok, for a girl..." i would never say anything
like that, because I'M a girl and that's like being racist against myself.
i'm saying i think she's really cool, very talented, and she's sort of an
inspriation for me, i really look up to her, as cheesy as that may sound,
because i've been told that i'm a lot like she was when she was my age (14).
and right now i'm in a band that seems like it's not going anywhere, but i
know that it's possible for me to go on and be moderatly successful, because
nicole has proved that it CAN be done.  i'm not saying "oh, i want to be
just like nicole!  i want my band to be the next scratching post!"  nothing
like that.  i just really admire her and i think she's really hard-working,
and really talented and that's how she became as successful as she is.      
>> my second favourite london band right now, after New Grand of course  :)  
>well i guess that says it all right there.
so you don't like scratching post or the new grand.  good, i'm happy for
you.  you're entitled to your opinion, but really, i think you can be a
little more mature than to go flaming me for MY opinion, which i'm entitled
to also. 

"Boys are bad, and girls are much better."
-"One Fine Day" Scratching Post