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Re: jale + the euphonic + scratching post

On Tue, 12 Mar 1996, Ray Wilmot wrote:

> James wrote:
> >SCRATCHING POST, on the other hand, *embrace*
> >cheesy. 
> but that's the whole point, it's all a big joke, i don't know if they did
> any of the *cheesy* rawk poses (a la the monoxides) that they sometimes do
> but they're just bein' silly.  i think they're extremely talented,

i really can't follow this.  it's cool 'cause it's all a big joke.  
ha-ha.  the monoxides aren't funny anymore (if they ever were), and they 
haven't even put out a record yet.  they're tired.  yesterday's news.  
c'mon, tell me, how many people out there are really, really into the 
dead milkmen?  weird al?  comedy and rock do not mix.  esecially if you 
play lounge music, or neil diamond covers.

> especially the singer, nicole, her guitar playing absolutely blows me away,
> i think she's probably the best female guitarist i've ever seen (keeping in
> mind that i haven't seen that many female guitarists)  Scratching Post are

what the hell does that mean.  "oh she's ok, for a girl..."   did you 
ever see that prince movie?  sheesh, it's 1996, brutha!  shave the hair 
off your back and join civilised society.

> my second favourite london band right now, after New Grand of course  :)  
well i guess that says it all right there.

> anyway, just my $0.02

maybe you should sell while the market is good.

mc O-