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Re: jale + the euphonic + scratching post

On Tue, 12 Mar 1996, James R. Covey wrote:

> THE EUPHONIC.  wow.  i have seen the future, and
> it is the euphonic.  i know, two days ago it was
> the rome plows, but remember, as yoda says,
> "always in motion is the future."  actually, it's
> apples and oranges.  let's let the rome plows be
> the future of rock and the euphonic be the future
> of pop, and everybody will be satisfied.  ok,
> there's henri sangalang playing bass (he used to
> be in kearney lake rd) and this other guy who
> plays guitar in j masters (but drums in the

it's chris mueller who plays drums in both bands.

> euphonic) and this lead singer/guitarist guy who
> looks really british.  and guess what, they sound

andrew glenross (sp?) looks like a lost brother of the gallaghers.

> really british too, as in, early who, xtc, the
> pastels, the jam, teenage fanclub, all that.  the
> crowd totally ate it up.  nuanced, intelligent pop
> compositions with flair, taste, hooks...  i think
> these guys are gonna be very popular around here.

given the fact that two of the three members are basically murderecords 
staff (albeit unpaid staff) and the other was in klr, i don't think 
you'll have to wait very long for any recorded output from these guys.

i'm sorry i missed the show (i was watching the premiere of new aaron 
spelling masterpeice 'malibu shores'), but from what i've heard of them 
practicing, they are fucking amazing.