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Art with a capital A

Look I'm sorry I caused all that fuss about standing up or sitting down,
but I have to add my two bits to the Juno argument.

Everyone knows the alternative category is meaningless, as are all Junos I
guess, but it nonetheless was the only one that was hard to decide who
should win. I love the Super Friendz as much as the next person, probably
more, but I can't allow Art Bergmann to be called a TWIT without

Whether or not you like his current album, Art has been writing great rock
songs and playing amazing live shows since before most of you were born,
and he has *never* kissed ass, which you have to give him credit for. If he
had, he'd probably be revered by most of the world by now, but I'm still
glad he didn't. Stupid as it is that he won the alternative category, it's
about time he got some recognition from this industry--now that he's been
dropped by another record company.

If you want to hear some fine punk music, check out Zulu Records'
compilation of the Young Canadians. And believe me, if you go to see him
you won't be tempted to sit on the dancefloor, or pull out your bloody