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Re: junos... (gag!)

On Mon, 11 Mar 1996, James wrote:

>  Ladies and gentlemen, Put Your hands together for ....Mr. Art Bergmann. 
>         Yay ! Justice ! (Look, I like the Inbreds, THP, and Sfz. But Mr.
> Bergmann has had this coming for about 22, 24 years. )

	If an award is being given to someone for their "body of work," then
a "Body of Work" award should be created to suit that purpose. There's no way
that Art's album is the best album of the year in any category, never mind
"alternative." Incidentally, Doug from the Bonaduces does a hilarious
imitation of Art Bergmann falling down, like he kept doing when he opened for
SOTW at the Walker Theatre a few years back. What a twit (Art, not Doug).