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jale + the euphonic + scratching post

birdland, halifax, ns,  march 9, 1996

i arrived early and got a seat on a barstool!
unfortunately there was no room on the little
round table for my laptop, so i had to write notes
on my hand.  :-)

THE EUPHONIC.  wow.  i have seen the future, and
it is the euphonic.  i know, two days ago it was
the rome plows, but remember, as yoda says,
"always in motion is the future."  actually, it's
apples and oranges.  let's let the rome plows be
the future of rock and the euphonic be the future
of pop, and everybody will be satisfied.  ok,
there's henri sangalang playing bass (he used to
be in kearney lake rd) and this other guy who
plays guitar in j masters (but drums in the
euphonic) and this lead singer/guitarist guy who
looks really british.  and guess what, they sound
really british too, as in, early who, xtc, the
pastels, the jam, teenage fanclub, all that.  the
crowd totally ate it up.  nuanced, intelligent pop
compositions with flair, taste, hooks...  i think
these guys are gonna be very popular around here.

JALE were totally amazing, for the third time in a
row (halifax gigs, i mean).  i think preparing for
and recording their second album has pushed them
to yet a higher level, and it shows in the new
songs and in what they can do on stage these days.
laura's most recent songs are pretty great.  i
don't know many of the song titles yet, so i don't
know what they're called, but they're so good.
eve's song "ali" was fabulous too.  not many bands
that i've ever seen can rock out as much as they
do without being the least bit cheesy.

SCRATCHING POST, on the other hand, *embrace*
cheesy.  i don't know how many of you have seen
this london band but the experience is kind of
like watching tanya donnelly singing lead in a
glam-metal band.  total metal riffage by the three
other players.  i really like her voice, i must
say.  the guitarist guy did his fire-breathing
trick again.  i don't know what more to tell you
about this band:  pretty hard to take them
seriously but pretty easy to have a good time
watching them.


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