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reeducktoe add absurdum

christian writes:
> I have to agree that sitting on the floor is a much more appreciative  
> way to listen to music.

Sitting on the floor is one thing, but in my opinion you should all be 
taking notes. Especially when you have a rockin' band like Scarce or
Sloan playing. I've seen the disappointed looks on their collective faces
when they realize that they are just playing to a bunch of bouncing morons.

I've talked with these bands, and they've put their lives into each and 
every song. When they play, they are not "entertainment," they are teachers
trying to impress upon us life lessons. You don't pogo in your philosophy
class do you??? Well what's the difference here? Pay attention people, and
by that I don't just mean sit down. Get out your binder
and a pen and take notes like I do. I find it especially useful to bring
along my laptop because I've set up a database whereby I can easily compare
and contrast everything, from the performance of a song down to vocal nuance
of a single word. Everything is cross-referenced. Not only am I appreciating
the "show" as it is happening and as I am touch typing, I am seeing 
the evolution of each band on my computer. If you can afford one, a laptop
at a gig is the only way to truly appreciate a band for more than just
the fleeting performance. The graphing and cross-referncing are indispensible
to anyone who is serious about appreciating a band. 

So I guess there is a progression.

Stage divers who kill people and fall on my computer.
Moshers who kill people and stomp on my computer.
Dancers who are all idiots and trip over my computer.
Standers who talk too much and step on my computer.
Barstoolers who drink too much and laugh at my computer.
Sitters, who are completely passive and want the info on my computer.
Note takers, who aren't so bad as long as they enter their notes into 
their own computer.
Then finally, the uber fan: me (and my computer)

I've been at so many gigs where all of the above are present and the 
band members are thinking "no one cares about us." But when they see
me and my laptop they all smile and play a great show. This has happened
407 times.

So to all you sitters - you're all just posing "look at me - I am sitting
down because I'm so deep and I'm getting more out of this show than you."
Well, you're wrong. Bands, especially Rebecca West,  want everyone at a
gig to be "actively" (not in the movement sense) appreciating their music.
Taking notes, or bringing a computer is the only effective way to do this.
You have to _work_ at being a _real_ fan.

Well that's my take on this whole thing and although the drugs are
wearing off, I'm going to post this. What a post for about a year of

they're coming to take me away! haha! hoho! heehee!
mike g