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Al Tuck and others

    I want to say something about the new Spinanes cd but I knew 
everyone would get mad if there was no east coast content or 
something about a dance floor so I racked my brain and came up with 

    My first ever bar show (with my first ever fake id) was the 94' 
Pop Explosion's opening night with Plumtree/Rebecca West/Al Tuck and 
No Action/Jale/The Spinanes.  Anyway to get the Spinanes stuff, it 
was a great show and a couple months ago I got a bootleg of Al Tuck's 
show for that night.  It's got good sound and it's pretty cool.  I 
guess if anyone wants to trade, email me or something and I'll try to 
get right on it.

    The new Spinanes cd Strand rocks!  They've managed to stretch the 
limits of the guitar/drums combination to get some pretty moody 
stuff.  I think it's song#3 that sounds like the beginning belongs 
on the Vs. the Greatest of All Time.   Produced by Easley and McCain 
and Brad Wood, no less this is a definite pickup.  Oh yeah, Pop 
Explosion 95' performer Elliot Smith does backing vocals on some songs 
and if someone could help me out here, Chick Wolverton plays on a 
track as well but I can't remember what band he's from.  Help.

    Maybe I'll get hired by SubPop *dream*ily yours,
    Paul Landry