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i'm with tara dc, she's with me! :)

"losers" is a bit harsh.... :)

some of the people in eric's trip have expressed the opinion that they 
actually *prefer* to play for the people who sit quietly on the floor (or 
stand off at the back) and listen, really listen, and really get into the 
music they are playing. i kinda agree with that idea.

this is just me being old and sore and grumpy, but i really liked julie's 
shows where i *could* sit on the floor and relax and enjoy her singing, 
much more than the eric's trip shows where i was constantly being pushed 
around....also, when you're in halifax and the last band of the 
night is playing at 2:30 am....you get a little tired sometimes. and 
if you're at birdland, who wants to be associated with those dancing 
palace rejects up at the front anyway? :)

actually, mary, as long as you're not hurting anyone at the show, i think 
it's cool to do whatever you want. stand, sit, dance, make out, 
whatever...yoga!! go chris yorke!


ps/ like "dancing palace rejects" isn't just as mean as "losers who sit 
on the floor". what a hypocrite i am. :)

"Though we may part, though we may not live in the same town,
 it doesn't matter to me. We will always be in New Orleans."

"But now there's fireworks, cotton candy, bad days, and you."

        **PIGGY**Calypso Orchestra of the Maritimes**