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Re: losers who sit on the dancefloor

>Why must people sit on the dancefloor during a show? Not only is it a sign

to watch the band. 

>of disrespect for the band (the message is: you do not rock), but it also

why can't the message be: 'we are comfortably watching you rock'?
>gets in the way of people who actually like to move to a band's music.
>There are chairs at the back, or if you're really tired lean against the
>wall or go home.
If you want to dance so badly, go to a disco. And if you do not care to
watch the band play, go home and listen to their cd. And if you take me so
seriously as to think that I am going to post a letter telling people that
they are 'losers' for choosing to stand up or to sit down, then forget it.
.. yeah, that's a good idea. Let's all start a huge argument over whether or
not one should sit or stand while listening to/watching a band.
facetiously yours,
tara :) 

"The smile that you send out...
   returns to you." :)
-Indian Wisdom